5 July, 16

Aftercare in the community

If you have been detained under Section 3 or Section 37 of the Mental Health Act or have been made subject to a transfer direction from prison to hospital you are entitled to Section 117 aftercare. This means that when you leave hospital the relevant clinical commissioning group and the local social services authority has a duty to provide you with aftercare until they decide it is no longer required.

Aftercare should be free of charge and should cover any assessed needs. Aftercare may include specialist accommodation, support from a community psychiatric nurse, free prescriptions and the use of day centres.

If you have not been provided with aftercare or if aftercare has been withdrawn we can advise and assist you to make a formal complaint or to take legal action by applying to the court to judicially review decisions made by the clinical commissioning group or local authority.

Occasionally problems can arise in respect of identifying which local authority is responsible for providing and funding aftercare. Out team is experienced in advising on this complex area of law and taking legal action when necessary.

If you have health needs but have not been detained under the relevant sections of the Mental Health Act you may still be able to get some support and assistance in the community. We invite you to contact our community care team who will be able to advise you about this.

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